Climate change is pulling the sea ice out from under polar bears’ feet, forcing them to swim longer distances to find food and habitat. Long-distance swimming puts polar bears at risk of drowning due to fatigue or rough seas. 

A report published by the World Watch Institute in 2009 revealed that greenhouse gases produced by livestock comprise 51 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions.

Methane gas, the gas produced most fervently by livestock, traps 100 times more heat in the atmosphere than carbon dioxide within a 5 year period, and 72 times more within a 20 year period. The good news is that methane also leaves the atmosphere within a decade, whereas carbon dioxide takes several decades or even centuries. This means that a drastic shift away from raising livestock offers a very real hope that we can curb global warming.

*Watches as all of the meat-eating “environmentalists” pull out every “argument” in the book to defend their animal-consuming ways*

"Never forget what a person says to you when they are angry."
— Henry Ward Beecher  (via h0odrich)

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GloZell shows why cultural representation is so important (x)




Massachusetts State Police Issue Apology for “Racial Profiling Saves Lives” Bumper Sticker, But Not Before Lying About It

Massachusetts State Police issued an apology Monday for a bumper sticker on one of their police cruisers that read: “Racial Profiling Saves Lives,” but not before lying about it.

Boston resident Chris Kantos, was walking Sunday morning and came across on official police cruiser, number 1183, and noticed an odd bumper sticker on it.

Kantos tweeted this image out immediately.

Instead of apologizing immediately, Boston PD removed the sticker and published a second image of the cruiser with no bumper sticker. Then accused Kantos of photoshopping the image.

“Why on earth would I photoshop something like that?” Kantos asked on Twitter.

read more: http://thefreethoughtproject.com/police-issue-apology-racial-profiling-saves-lives-bumper-sticker-lying/


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This post always slaps me in the face

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Diet for a new world, may all be fed by John Robbins

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